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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the items which are available for sale are made by our Sisters. Some are made here in Ireland in one of our two religious communities. Others are made in some of our other PDDM communities throughout the world. From greeting cards to altar cloths, from ceramic statues to chalice sets, the artistic gifts of our Sisters are shared so as to bring a message of beauty to churches, homes and places of prayer.

Yes! If you come to one of our Centre, you will more than likely meet one of our Sisters. We also have staff who assist us in our mission. As you browse around, you can also ask about the items in stock. We are always happy to pray for your intentions which you can share with one of the Sisters there or write them at the Chapel space.

Yes, we do. Every morning before we open up our Centre, we pray at Mass and our prayer for all those whom we will encounter in our ministry that day, those who will come to our Chapel, our Liturgical Centre and places of ministry. We pray that we can serve each person who comes through the door with a generous and joyful spirit, with patience and kindness and be a presence of Christ. We are journeying on this path of life together so we remember you and your families as you live the extraordinary gift of ordinary life each day!

Of course, the Chapel is open from 10am to 8pm each day (COVID timetable). You are free to stay for a while or make a brief visit. You can leave prayer intentions at the basket in front of the altar. When restrictions are lifted, we hope to return to the Adoration Programme so when you visit the Chapel, you can spend some prayer in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

As you may have gathered by now, we are a community of religious sisters so we strive to keep the balance in having times of silence and prayer and active ministry in serving you. Like every family, we also have laundry, cleaning etc to do so Saturday is when we try to do this so that we can enjoy Sunday as a day of rest and prayer in order to recharge to take up a new working week on Monday! Sometimes at the weekend we might have a day of retreat or reflection and not be available. In emergencies (e.g for a Mass card or a baptismal candle!), you can give us a call and if possible we can try to accommodate you at the weekend.

Yes. We have special permission from the local Bishop, both in Athlone and in Dublin, to offer this service of signed Mass cards. All the regulations of Canon Law and the indications of the Irish Bishops Conference are followed in relation to the distribution of these Mass stipends to priests who celebrate the intentions received. The suggested offering is 10 euros which is given in entirety to the priest. The Sisters do not receive any part of the Mass offering but do receive the payment for the actual Mass card which you may choose on site. You are free also to bring your own Mass card to be signed if you have purchased it elsewhere. In providing this service, it is connected to the other part of our mission which strives to support priests in different ministries and different situations.

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase and wish to return it, your item must be in its original unused condition to be returned, unless there is a packaging defect. If you are returning by post, the postage will be paid by the sender. You must return the item within 30 days of your purchase. If you wish to exchange the item, you may do this. If the item is of a higher value, the remainder must be paid before the item is re-posted out.  If you wish to be refunded, it will be refunded to your credit card if you used this method of payment. Otherwise, cash refund or store credit will be offered, according to your preference.

The project of this online catalogue for the Liturgical Centre is a work in progress! We are a small religious community looking to improve and modernise how we can reach out to more people and spread the word about our Liturgical Centre and our prayer ministry. We will evaluate in the next few months whether to go completely ‘online’ for transactions. For the present, especially in these COVID times, we offer you this way of browsing our stock as we try to serve you through our liturgical ministry! We ask for your patience but assure you that we will try to assist you in whatever queries you might have.

In line with the government restrictions, we are currently closed to walk-in customers. However items ordered online can be posted. We use An Post services for delivery. Please see page on delivery charges for rates. When COVID restrictions are lifted, items ordered on line can be collected directly from the Liturgical Centre during the opening hours and are not subject to delivery charges.

No, they are not. It is not permitted to sell blessed items anywhere. They have to be purchased first and then a priest can be approached to bless them. Sometimes we have the possibility to request a priest to bless items.

Yes. They must be purchased first and then we can post them. Blessed items must be used with care and reverence as they are dedicated for prayer and to serve God. Please be sure to always cherish the blessed religious objects at home, venerate them with piety, and when necessary, dispose of them properly.

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