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Welcome to the Liturgical Centre, a ministry of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master! With our ministry to evangelise through art and beauty, we are happy to serve you through providing an extensive range of items suitable for liturgical prayer and worship, as well as a wide variety of religious gifts, suitable for different sacramental and life milestones.

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As well as our regular items, on occasions, we will highlight certain items according to the different liturgical seasons and special feast-days.

The Liturgical Centre

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Everything from Monstrances to Liturgical vestments etc.

“Everything can become apostolate… In simplicity, with the right intentions, we influence the whole world”

Blessed James Alberione

Founder of the Congregation of the Disciples of the Divine Master,

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Our catalogue is set up so that you can easily find products for sale in our product categories, and search engine. When you find something you want note the product item code, call us on (01) 2886414, reference the code, and make your credit card purchase.

The Liturgical Centre​

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